various  1988-1992


examples of press and commission work for magazines and advertising

figure with printer's tray, 1989


Eye Magazine, 1991

cover of issue with Kern interview


Eye Magazine, 1991

opening spread Kern interview

with original portrait of Suzanne Vega

for album cover Days Of Open Hand

A&M Records 1990


Jean and William, 1990

story illustration for Esquire Magazine


face, 1990

from experimental short film


Beach Culture Magazine, 1990

cover of summer issue


dreams, 1992

story illustration for Redbook Magazine


journal book, 1992



solarized face, 1989



figure/Paris (1)

figure/Paris (2)

Paris story for SwissAir Gazette, 1992


retail, 1991

spread from a Japanese corporate brochure


distribution, 1991

spread from a Japanese corporate brochure


Grammys Night advertisement, 1991

Warner Bros and Reprise Records


portfolio spread, 1991

paint on photograph


John Cleese, 1988

circa Wanda release