From a 29 page fashion series photographed for Neiman-Marcus and published in Harper's Bazaar Fall 1995 as part of the Neiman-Marcus "Art Of Fashion" series, an artist invitational to photograph the store's top designer fashion each Spring and Fall.  First photographed in 1994 by Richard Avedon, then Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz, Kern photographed this series, the fourth installment.


Each artist/photographer was allowed complete freedom to photograph the collection in any way they wanted as long as they kept to an established budget.  Kern chose to move the production to England and photograph a young woman's dream of becoming a famous fashion model.  Kern's idea, however, was to tell a story about the dangers of fame and the dream veers down a dark alley.


Neiman-Marcus was initially nervous about depicting a model as a mannequin, but the series proved very popular, prompting Time Magazine to declare the series the "Best Advertising Campaign of 1995."


All of the images were originally published in color.  Photographed in Devon, England, with model Kristen Bronson April 1995.